mid-century san francisco time capsule

1959 was a good year.  A good year for the color turquoise, apparently.  Here is a 1959 4-unit apartment building up behind a single family house on a lot in San Francisco that have both sat virtually empty for over 20 years.   Big remodel to follow.


It’s been a trip back in time because the apartments are partially furnished!  Crazy.  The 5 kitchens are pretty amazing, all matching original appliances, and the cabinets are in very good shape too.  We have to do work that would require moving them out, so they can’t stay.  The appliances are likely huge wastes of energy – and we don’t know if they work.  But I appreciate their mid-century splendor, and don’t want to just trash them – so we’re hearing from people who want to come and take them away.   I might just take an old bulbous refrigerator myself for future use as, a cabinet?

kitchen1kitchen2kitchen3As equally mid-century fabulous as these kitchens are, each of the 5 bathrooms is an exercise in *pink* – tile and fixtures intact, albeit a bit gross.


I really dig these old colors and shapes, it’s exciting to find something like this so vintage.  Thus we think it’s the right thing to hand off the pieces for reuse. As seen below, while most of the furniture has nice lines, it’s garage sale quality – or less..  The cushions are rock-hard and petrified.

livingrmStay tuned for the remodel..


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5 responses to “mid-century san francisco time capsule

  1. Dad

    the end tables remind me of those that Aunt Gwen used to have – wonder which one of the Mullens got them?

  2. Joey

    No one’s lived here in years? It’s kind if creepy but cool – I like the turquoise pleather stools in the kitchen.

  3. Emi

    do tell, how is it possible that this place stayed untouched for so may years?

    • mcelroyarch

      it’s an exciting rarity to find something like this – but the previous owner was tired of being a landlord, so ~1980 he decided to let it sit. and sit. and sit. crazy to think of precious real estate with a view, empty for so long! he would come into the city every week or so, check up on things, and stay in the house – but the apartments were uninhabited (there’s a single-family house and 4-unit building as part of this project)

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