victorian remodel interior continued. .

We’re in crunch mode here moving along with all the finishes.  New flooring and stair treads are going in right now, tile and interior trim has almost been completed, interior painting has begun.  The first photo is the second floor which already had hardwood floor over the original softwood which has become the subfloor.  We’re patching in new to match there.


We looked through various grays from ICI low VOC paint.  It’s always amazing how a color changes when viewed on a wall; and how much of other colors you can see – from blue to green to tan – in different grays.  We were looking for a ‘warm’ gray so we chose the one with the blue tape over it, far right:

wall paint

More tile from Heath Ceramics on the bathroom floors and shower surround:

herringbonemaster bath

Original casing put back around new windows – (to be painted of course!)

old casing

We chose this simple 5-1/2″ profile for the new casing throughout where there wasn’t enough to reuse.  It’s the right scale without being too busy or fussy.




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7 responses to “victorian remodel interior continued. .

  1. Ted

    Great job, its coming along nicely!

  2. Celina

    I love the warm grey you choose! Do you have the paint brand and color?

    The remodel is beautiful!

  3. Judy W

    Your remodels are simple gorgeous! I love your tile choices and designs. I was curious about the paneling you did on the bath tub to match the cabinet. Where did you get the paneling and who was it affixed to the tub?

    • mcelroyarch

      Hi Judy, The same cabinetmakers made the tub-face panel as did the sink cabinet. It was attached to framing behind the panel with small screws.

  4. Charlotte

    What color is the tile on the shower walls? Is that heath’s riverbed?

  5. Megan

    This post is so old, but maybe I’ll be lucky. Can you tell me what colour tiles you have on the herringbone floor?

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