1950s bathroom that needs help

We’ve all seen one – or maybe even had one: a bathroom that just doesn’t work.  Not plumbing-wise, but esthetically.  Here’s one that clients came to me with that had a list of issues:  a mirror / window confrontation, a tiny sink, low cabinet, claustrophobic shower, and tile of uninspiring color.  Here’s what we were looking at:


It’s not certain if the window is original but if it is, you would have a nice view yet no reflection when standing at the sink.  (Unless you mount a mirror as seen above.)  Problem!


The phone-booth style shower, with an intimidating dropped-ceiling:shower1shower2bathroom

Overall, the bathroom needed some help.  There used to be a door into another bedroom on the opposite wall which couldn’t be finished with the original tile so it was pretty glaring.  The door from the master bedroom swung out into the room, which wasn’t preferable.  The owners were just not in love with the buttercream and brick-red color scheme anymore… stay tuned –

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  1. Hillary

    Reminds me of my 1950’s bathroom, can’t wait to see what you do.

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