pac heights winding down

It’s down to the last touches on this project; the owner has actually moved in among the dust of the punch-list tasks.  These books were saved from the house before the project – and add a musty sense of history to the place!  I think they look great in the painted shelves.  The ‘library-style’ lights above each shelving bay will cast light on the books and other items.

These adjustable lights are hardwired, mounted at the top of the built-ins.  This is part of the Dining Rm that will also be used as a home office / library.  The view from the entry hall seen below (photo is slightly blurry; this project hasn’t been professionally photographed yet – this is still my point+shoot)…. I like this light fixture – I’ll find out where the owner got it.

The kitchen / great room seen below has french doors opening to the rear patio, with a continuous slate floor from American Slate.   (among other punch-list details, the threshold here will be modified to better ‘disappear’).  The simple, geometric stainless steel hood is by Viking.

Below is a sketch of an alternating tread stair I designed to access a raised sleeping loft in the guest area of this house.  These types of stairs take up half the length of a typical stair and are good for space constraints, as we have here.   This hasn’t been completed yet, or photographed – more to come!

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