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mill valley remodel

Hello 1987!  Or late 70s? Ugh.  This house just north of San Francisco will be undergoing a transformation in the coming months.  Seen here at the start, it was all roof, T-111 siding, and smashed, tiny windows up top facing the view.  Where is the front door?

This open second floor porch at the back of the house will be filled in and become the master bathroom.

This remodel is already chugging along – clients keeping a great blog to go along with it.  It will eventually look like this: (Gotta love Sketchup for quick & dirty 3D modeling.)

Down to the studs!   Stay tuned for more!

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public relations

[Yes, this is a week old news] Here’s a really well-written article in the Real Estate section of the San Francisco Chronicle featuring McElroy Architecture!  It’s more than I expected and am thrilled to have been contacted by people who saw the article.

After the phone interview, the writer Jeremy Schnitker did a great job of weaving my stammering into a thorough and solid read.  Enjoy!

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Basement Remodel

Need more room?  Look no further than your own unfinished / unexcavated crawlspace – basement!  (I just saw that ‘unexcavated’ isn’t in the dictionary but I know I’ve seen it before so I’m keeping it in..) Construction continues at this Inner Sunset house where we dug down about 4′ to create a guest room.  The photos above are a few weeks old and today the room is framed in as seen below.  The new south-facing window will bring in lots of light.  It peeks out onto the driveway, the only part of the room low enough for a window.  (that’s tape, not red paint..) The reconfigured, spacious stair goes down to the enlarged Family Rm (‘man cave’) at the back of the house.  Above, the stair will be open along the side to the newly enlarged Dining Rm. On the landing of the new stair is a tall south-facing window.  Next to it is a tiny, formerly exterior closet window that was kept – a whimsical little detail!  The back of house was opened up with new doors and windows, onto a new deck which is now being tiled with __________ chosen by the owner.  I like the 45° angle pattern – keeps it interesting.  There will be a glass guard rail around the perimeter soon. 

As I was at the site today, a Peregrine Falcon landed on a pole just behind the deck!  Pretty cool bird…it was glaring at something, maybe a pigeon or a mouse, but it flew away empty-taloned. 


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