raze the roof

A well-lit facade.  There’s a glow coming through the windows of this building, and looking through them you can see the sky.  In the demo phase, the (sagging, leaking) roof has been removed.  (some of these photos are terribly dark / contrasty, I took them with my not-so-great phone camera!).  These patched-together trusses, pretty in silhouette, were bowed pretty badly over the 50ft span.  A few of the pieces had large splits/breaks in them.  Most of the timber is being reused as framing elsewhere in the building and/or has been donated.  Some windows have even been passed along to an artist who paints on the glass. The view of the Lutheran church on er, Church St from the rear of the building.  The existing building filled almost the entire lot from side to side and front to back, so we’re modifying the walls in order to create legal operable windows.  Some old framing reused as staggered studs between rooms.  A view through the wall to an adjacent building. Some framing and old window openings at the front of the building.  These quirky top floor windows were only about 1ft from the floor, not really matching the interior spaces.  Toddlers would enjoy them, I suppose.  You can see how much empty space is above them on the wall…..great placement!?  More to come –

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