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basement remodel

Things are wrapping up down in the basement first floor – the homeowners have started moving back into the remodeled spaces gradually, even holding a graduation party in the new family room!  The window above is a new one, high above the stair landing, facing south = lots of sunlight.  The 8′ tall french doors out to the deck bring in the views and light, facing east and a forested hill beyond.  Interior shot above, exterior shot below (in case there’s any confusion…)

The stairs from below in the family room.  The ledge was clad in the same wood / nosing as the stairs – a good place to sit.  The handrail is temporary, installed for the party.  The stair landing above, I’ve been told, is where karaoke performances will take place viewed from the family room, hence the spotlights.  I’ve already got some songs picked out!  (Note that this project is more traditional than I normally do – I was happy to be involved in the overall design, space development, windows/doors/stair/etc, but the owners are choosing the finishes.  “Provence goes to Mexico” was how she described the overall feel she was going for. )  Above, the wet bar at one end of the family rm, perfect for entertaining with sink, dishwasher and min-fridge. The second-floor living room, now almost doubled in size.  The opening overlooks the new stair to the first floor.  This area and two windows at the corner used to be a bedroom, which was combined with the dining room about where I’m standing to create one large living room.  Good scale!  (The former living room will now be used for dining.)This last photo is of two skylights poking through a small deck off of the kitchen.  One goes to the laundry rm and one to the bathroom at the first floor.  A good way to get light into what would have been windowless rooms, and as you can see they do get good sunlight.  This deck will be used mainly for grilling and potted herbs.  Maybe herbs de Provence!

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mill valley remodel

These photos are actually a few weeks old, and much has happened since they were taken.  This is the rear side of the house which is being totally remodeled inside and out, including small additions at the front and rear as well.  Note that this end of the house has an offset gable, so part of it is recessed – we’re extending it so it’s a flush wall.  The stairs were formerly enclosed behind a wall.  We widened them, they’ll have an open railing, and the windows will be revised to actually match the spaces.  Below, the stairs are seen from the upper landing. On left, the upper bathroom is being tiled in a 12×12 dark slate color tile.

The family is living camping in the front half of the house, as much as they can, through construction.  The remnant but usable pieces of the kitchen are just inside the plastic wall separating the construction zone.  The new steel beam above allows the rooms at the back to be totally open. Floor plans showing the new areas being added in the shaded hatch.  Large bay windows at the two front bedrooms aren’t hatched but they are new.  More to come!

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