These aren’t quite dormers by the book definition, because they aren’t protruding from a roof.  They are probably considered bay windows, but their roofs do intersect the main house roof above.  Either way – they’re intended to increase living space, provide windows for views, light, and add architectural elements to the front of the house. Maybe they’re ‘segmental’ as seen above.  The roofs of these will be up-slope which i can’t find any examples of online.  We chose this because the house is mainly viewed from below and had such overbearing roofs, that the up-slope is like a ‘get off my back’ punching gesture to break through. The slope is seen in the photo at right.  We also flattened the top portion of the lower roof, so it’s flat right outside the dormers.  That was another move to reduce the dominating roof.  The views from the dormers include Tiburon, Angel Island and even San Francisco from some angles.  Not a bad view to wake up to…The side of house was extended out to create a continuous gable end, instead of being split like it previously was. The roof came off during a surprise late spring rainy period which was an adventure for the homeowners (who are camping inside during the project).  More to come!

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