duboce triangle framing

The framing is almost complete on the condo project.  You can walk through each unit and see the layouts, the rooms, the windows.  Lately I’ve been digging through the jobsite to secure some of the remaining old redwood framing to reuse on the interior.   Much of it has already been reused in new wall framing.We set some of the windows pretty high because on this urban lot the views are really up and out, not down (into adjacent yards / clotheslines). There’s the fog rolling in – but this western view shows the amount of light that will pour in.  The future’s so bright, [you] gotta wear shades This top floor view looking south to a distant hill. There will be wall-to-wall multiple-sliding doors in this opening out to a small deck.  Most of the condos are duplex (two-floor) setups with the living spaces on the top floor and bedrooms down below.  Given the choice we opted to provide better views and light to the rooms where you typically have your eyes open… This window looks up the street – makes for a nice perspective drawing. Some various scenes out of windows showing the range of each condo’s views. Above are shots looking down a new stair and a long skylight above another stair.More to come!

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