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peninsula kitchen

It’s not a kitchen with a peninsula but it is located on the peninsula south of the city.  Sometimes it happens that a room being remodeled wasn’t so offensive in the first place, as seen here.  I’m not saying I love any of it, it’s certainly tired-looking but wasn’t laughable like an avocado kitchen.  (avocado has cred in being so gross it’s cool – I had a dryer that color once) This kitchen was remodeled maybe 25 years ago but the new owners had an aversion to it: it felt cramped to them with the upper cabinets, the soffits, the cabinets almost the same color as the floor…The first thing you saw walking to the kitchen was the side panel of the refrigerator.  The far end with big windows is nice but there was a built-in desk which got in the way of dining.  Here above is the blueprint for the last remodel.  The new idea is to eliminate the laundry room and expand the kitchen to the left, resulting in a larger room with room for a sofa as well as the dining table, as seen below:We decided to keep the old laundry room door near the corner of the new kitchen, which I imagine is for throwing a flaming piece of toast or roast out of in a panic!  It also helps achieve what the owners really want – totally open feeling, minimal upper cabinetry, lots of space.  All-white cabinetry, stainless steel, possibly carrara countertops, wood table and/or chairs to bring in some warmth.

Moving right along…..demo has started and below are some photos of the progress: bye-bye laundry, you’re moving on up(stairs)Below are some other 3D views showing the island options, and an overall room view.  More to come! I thought the wood panels at the island would be a nice view when walking into the room but they want more space for seating and shelves so we’re going with the one on the right.Eames shell chairs?  I hope so!  I prefer the fiberglass ones from Modernica, which have a translucent, fibrous quality – over the plastic ones that look very matte and static.  The sad news is that Modernica’s production has currently halted while they do some work on their factory.


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