the ice storm

Yes, this is not real stone.  It’s a nice representation of a (burnt?) stone wall, with several parking options for your late 70s cars, and – as an afterthought, let’s stick a front door on there for grins. One of the worst Hobbit-hole entrances I’ve ever seen..   This is the first house in San Francisco I’ve worked on that’s younger than me – but not by much!  Started in 1979 and completed in 1980, this house is an ode to all things brown and mirrored.  Walking through made me think of the Ice Storm. hot fireplace, curving hearth…you can see your casserole dinner in reverse…

We don’t mind this though – the wet bar!  It stays.  (there are two of them in the house…) The awesome tile, and the padded cabinetry so you don’t knock your knees when going in for cocktail no.4. A second fireplace – leftover stone from the facade?  Typical doorknob throughout the house…Off the back of the house there’s an enclosed patio, with covered hot tub in the corner, kitchenette and bathroom.  We think it’s pretty groovy, a nice private enclosed space (would love to have seen a party here in 1980), but definitely in need of updating.  We’re opening it up quite a bit too. The dreaded fire escape, as seen from the patio.  It’s a goner!  All these 70s treatments aside, the house has a lot of space, good bones, and sweeping views of the Marin Headlands and Twin Peaks – the reasons why the family bought it.  We’re well into demo now – check back for more progress….to the studs!

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