shingle bungalow – it’s a wrap

Sanchez_17tommMy 1.5yr affair with this house on the hill is over. (the ancient volvo putts a sigh of relief..) Here I am on the day of the photo shoot, taken by Paul Dyer with whom I’ve worked on several projects. See him below on the 20′ ladder we used at the bottom of the yard to take shots of the back of the house…not for the faint of heart. photo ladderOnly from a ladder would you get even close to peep into the showoff shower seen on the right.panoramicI took this with the iPhone panoramic feature from up that ladder. Who doesn’t love a glowing dusk shot?front facadeHere is the front, not taken on the same day but close to the end. The garage doors weren’t in yet so I cropped the photo.record tilesA view into the half-bath wall of ‘Revolv‘ tile made of 76% recycled limestone from manufacturers in Chicago. Below is a bathroom upstairs (under the front angled roof) with more Revolv tile in what I refer to as an ‘aspirin’ pattern. It’s really called ‘hourglass’…aspirin tilesmall tilesThis is glass tile from Oceanside in the master shower. walnut claddingWe used walnut T&G flooring as wall accents in select areas throughout the house as seen above.  It blended nicely with the knotty oak flooring and other elements to give the modern spaces a warm feel. escher stairShould I do it? It’s a long way down….but strangely looks like it’s on the same level. Escher! offcenter windowWhat we liked about this window in its original location from before the remodel, is that it ends up looking like a piece of off-centered art in the room with a view of dueling roof gables outside. Thank you to Ian Stallings for staging the house for the photo shoot! kitchenA glimpse of the new kitchen cabinetry, by Case 540 with Caesarstone countertops and matching backsplash.  Below are  late-construction photos of the simplicity of volumes, shapes and spaces with late day sunlight on the sheet rock walls.  Check out Paul’s professional shots heresheetrockglobe pendantsThat’s all folks – I’ll miss this one!



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6 responses to “shingle bungalow – it’s a wrap

  1. Amazing house!! I would love to live there!

  2. Mar Arslanian

    I’m drooling over this property….when/if Ted and I win the lotto will you be my go-to guy?

  3. tamizami

    wonderful, thank you for sharing!

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