art deco house

marina styleThis otherwise ‘Marina-style’ house had some art-deco reminiscent details in it so that’s what I’m calling it. (marina-style typically has a garage and unfinished basement area at ground level with the living space on the second floor.)  Look at the front: we didn’t make any changes here, I really wouldn’t know what to do without ripping off those tiles – or paint them charcoal grey – is that possible? My clients said that in their search for a home they liked yellow houses because they look happy – I like that thought!

redundant hallwayThe house had a few challenges, one was the redundant circulation seen above – you could walk down a hallway or take a parallel route through adjacent rooms to get to the bedrooms and bathroom at the back. large bathroomSecond, the only bathroom was big enough to be split into two (it had that typical low-ceilinged shower stall) winder stairThird, the stair was narrow and wound down into the garage. basementYou had to walk through the garage to get to the tall basement space at the back.rear yardThe previous owner installed a garage door to the yard which I liked, but we ended up redesigning with non-garage doors. The new owners wanted a better connection between floors, a finished usable first floor, master bath and new guest bath downstairs.  I thought, who needs two hallways? and decided to drop the new stair directly down through the hallway floor. old hallwayHere’s a view of the hallway, with the other rooms to the side after we opened up the wall. low wallA view from the other end – cut stairs– and then right after the floor was cut out and the new stair put in.  Voila!  Direct connection down with comfortable stairs, opened rooms and finishing out the first floor…still in stairA view down to the lower floor to see the light coming in from the back yard.   Stay tuned, more to come!

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