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on the boards

I’m pretty jazzed about projects in the office right now – here are two favorites:

1. a FARMHOUSE …. this is really getting at my roots, reminds me of home and I’m so excited for it (see a Pinterest board) ok well it doesn’t exactly look farmhousey right now but it’s in a rural area of Sonoma County and we’re damn well gonna make it that way!  see below for early design renderings – here’s the front existing and proposed: farmhouse before1farmhouse after1The existing house and outbuildings form a cluster of vernacular shapes and styles, having been built over time. We’re playing off that ensemble idea and the addition will look like another piece to the farm puzzle.  farmhouse before2farmhouse after2around back we’re extending the hipped roof (yech) to form a tall gable that will be a vaulted living space with big views out to the lawn and trees beyond.

2. a coffee kiosk in San Francisco – to be squeezed into an existing wedge-shaped lot in and area that really needs coffee, because let’s face it no one is happy until every urban crevice has coffee access, right?  this fun little gem will be simple and utilitarian materials that can take a beating but look good while doing it.  here’s a sketch of the side:Model


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our office windows

one day soon I’ll write about the office and how it’s evolved from a stark shell to a messy center for design, including pictures!  for now check out this great post from neighborhood passerby Jennifer Davidson. thank you for the write-up!


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