sonoma farmhouse


It’s been a long time since I’ve seen some [wood] studs, but demo has begun up north!  Demo always happens quickly, and within a couple of days this 1900s stucco house was stripped to the studs.  I mentioned this project last June, and after the design process here we are at the start of an exciting transformation / addition.  Permitting was comparatively quick – no neighborhood notification required like in SF (I won’t bore you with that drama – another time). sonoma farmsonoma house remodelThe footprint of the existing house will remain the same while the interior is rearranged and a new master bedroom / bathroom wing is added to the left in this photo.  The low gable roof in this view will be rebuilt steeper to match that over the addition.  sonoma farmhouse farmhouse demoAround the back there will be a new gable / vertical extension with a bank of doors opening to a concrete patio and view beyond. The renderings below show the currently planned design. This house will have a simple palette of finishes that work well in a relaxed ‘country’ setting. Exact window & doors TBD, especially the gable-angled windows and the massive multi-panel slider, which run around $1000/linear foot.  14_0331 REAR VIEW 14_0331 FRONT VIEWStay tuned – more to come!


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3 responses to “sonoma farmhouse

  1. TM3

    What is the tower for? Look forward to seeing the finished project.

  2. mcelroyarch

    It’s an old water tower, now used by the dog, soon to be used by the kids. Fort!

  3. Thanks for sharing bro…!!!

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