pacific heights part deux

heath modern basics

At this house (top floor addition: 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms) we’re further along with finish materials and details. It’s exciting to watch the transformation, sometimes it seems to take forever, other times change happens quickly. Tile is about 75% installed in the bathrooms – Heath Ceramics’ Modern Basics ‘Heron Blue‘ covers the walls of the 2nd bathroom. shower niche

Above are the niches in each bathroom. Each is 12″ x 36″ and will have a shelf to divide it. On the right is a marble mosaic hexagonal shape in the back wall of the niche and 12×24 wall tiles. grout color

Tile hasn’t been grouted yet but we chose the dark grey shown above for the floors (top shiny penny-round tiles for second bath, marble hex in master) vanity cabinet

The master vanity is a cool grey-blue to pick up on the darker veins of the marble tiles. Cabinet by Bartlett Cabinetry via KnockKnock.

wall paneling

The square grid paneling at the top floor is a continuation of the existing paneling in the entry room below. flooring install

It took some drafting skill to lay out the grid in the way that made the most sense. Not all squares are equal, but generally about 20″x20″. We had to work between wall, window, door and floor constraints. Once painted a solid color, any variations will be undetectable.  Bedroom flooring on the right. herringbone floor

Herringbone flooring in the stair hallway / office. Herringbone pattern costs about twice as much as straight-run flooring, but it’s arguable twice as beautiful! We’re loving it.. dark flooring

The flooring has had its first staining and sanding. It’s an antiqued dark brown finish. In the corner is the built-in desk; walls and cabinetry will be Sherwin Williams ‘Muddled Basil’.

steel railing

The black steel railing pickets on the left, ready to be attached at each tread on the new stair. On the right at the bottom of the stairs is a round newel post that I designed to complement the existing curling railing. The post will sit on top of the bottom step, as yet to be extended in the photo, and the existing railing on the right will be continued over to meet the newel. round newel post

The newel at the top of the staircase, the handrail and guard rail along the hallway. Guardrails are 42″ per code so the top newel is just over 4′ tall.  It has minimal detailing – a base, and a cap, with rounded edges. plywood

When in the field and you’re designing as you go 🙂 – plywood works as well as a sketchbook! Above is a section for the cornice at the front and rear facade of the new top floor.

Stay tuned, more to come!

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  1. Ted

    I think the tile looks great…I just hate cleaning in between each one!

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