boomerang house continued

farmhouse-front-doorhere’s a peek through the front door and out the back – the entry will same size doors at both sides to keep it open, breezy, and quick access around the long house. there is a deep, flat roof over the front door to give the stoop shelter in the rain and break up the roofline and alert people “here! this is the entry!”calistoga-farmhousewalking up to the front door location, here’s the view through the foyer and out the back door. you can see there is a roof overhang on the wall to the right out the back door – we ended up cutting this back to the wall = no more overhang there. the challenge of working on a boomerang shaped house! napa-farmhouseonce inside the entry ‘foyer’ (such a formal word…) you turn left through a short passage and this is the view into the vaulted great room: the kitchen will be to the right, and a small den area to the left. the existing wood burning fireplace will now get a gas insert, a change from the original plan.napa-remodelwalking across the room, standing in between the living and dining areas and looking back; kitchen on left, entry foyer is through the passage to the right. the ceiling was previously flat with a roof truss system: the webs and lower chord were removed; the top chord remains but with new sistered rafters alongside. farmhouse-ceilingthe side walls are 9′ tall; the high point of the room is 16′ tall to the ridge beam. this is a view out through 16′ sliding doors of the living room side; there are matching doors on the dining room side as well. calistoga-remodela view from the exterior in through the living room doors and out through the dining room doors on the opposite side, with walnut trees and a vineyard beyond. doors & windows by Loewen. there will be concrete patios out each set of sliders; this side will have an overhead awning (originally planned for corrugated sheets & steel posts…final design TBD)board-and-batten-sidingfast forward a little bit to the exterior with the new board & batten siding – even the cupola got a makeover. we’re keeping both of them; but the vents will be rectangular vs the arch shape they were originally, and they are b&b as well. in the foreground right is the front door really dig the simple cross mullions of these windows, breaks up the monotony of large expanses of glass, and adds a subtle detail. I’m holding up stained cedar that will be the siding around the front door (and laundry window which this one is). on the right are two flooring samples for inside – very similar, both white oak; we chose the one toward the bottom (less yellow than the top one). full-height-windowthis is the only window in the house that extends to the floor (and is not a door) – this is in a corner of the kitchen, looking south toward the road and vineyards beyond. it’ll bring in a lot of sunlight to the kitchen. exterior board & batten siding will be painted Benjamin Moore’s “Mountain Peak White”. calistoga-contractorhere’s the contractor Roland and foreman Jeff really getting into the outer edges of the house! next visit they will have done the spray-foam insulation and started sheetrocking. stay tuned – —- more to come !



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2 responses to “boomerang house continued

  1. Ted III

    Didn’t realize how big the cupola was until someone was standing beside it!

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