who am i

hello, i’m tom – living in san francisco since 2002, originally from new york.   i’m an architect, licensed here in california since 2006.  i received the LEED accreditation in 2009.   my experience is mostly residential with some bits of commercial sprinkled in.

this blog will be a rambling of my projects as they go.  part of the purpose is to show the easily-overlooked art (or, cool shots) during the process of construction leading up to the finished product.

what i’m drawn to is warm modern living, bright spaces with clean lines, mixing shiny new with reused dusty old.

i also enjoy film, tinkering with old furniture, painting, driving, cooking, snowboarding, singing, midcentury modern, craptiques, ….

thanks for stopping by!  feel free to drop me a line…

check out my portfolio at www.mcelroyarch.com

15 responses to “who am i

  1. karyn scordo

    ill kick your ass if i see any of my colors on here being used.

    let me know if you need a color expert!!!
    good luck!
    love you !!!!

  2. Jaime Nywening

    This is fabulous! I am proud of your accomplishments and look forward to reading and seeing more!

    Love Always and 4-Eva~

  3. Lauren Reece

    You have your antique appliance expert right here. 🙂 Keep stacking up the resources…

  4. Amanda

    I see a few less puzzle pieces swarming over head.
    This blog looks great! Love how you’ve managed to work Heath into it!

  5. Senjiwe Al-Muhadinis

    I live nearby and drive down Buchanan daily and have been watching the remodel with interest scribbled your firm name and found your blog. Thanks for satisfying my curiosity.

  6. Adrienne

    Hi – love the bath. Can you share where you got the lovely sconces?


    • mcelroyarch

      hi there – the sconce lights are “Tilee” by Flos. we got them from City Lights here in San Francisco (i think there is a link in the post?) they’re easily found online. thanks for stopping by!

  7. Nice work and I really enjoy your blog with the before and after’s as well as the “how to” approach.

  8. Robert García

    Great table you made. Maybe you can help me with the question below.

    I am using a walnut slab with bark still on the edges, 5 feet long by 18 inches wide by 3 inches thick, for a low table. I am finishing the top and bottom with Watco oil.

    My question is this. I want to leave the bark on the edges. How do I finish the bark? How do I keep the bark from falling off over time?

    I would be grateful for any advice.


  9. Emily

    Who makes the Double Wide Sink – In front of the Heath Ceramics in the Mid-Century Remodel?

  10. Tom – with your love of Eames chairs I had to share this link with you….http://www.acmestudio.com/designers/eamespg.htm

  11. Pingback: Eames Designed Accessories « The Howzer's Money Pit

  12. Late on a Friday afternoon I received a voicemail from you at work Fireclay Tile so I decided to see who you are and what type of projects you have been working on. One hour later I have looked at every picture and read every word on your website. You are a person I would love to get to know. You have a wonderful point of view and the Butterfly well lets say it pushed me over the edge into we must be friends. I look forward to hearing from you and I hope we have many opportunities to collaborate in the near future.
    Warm regards,

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