before + after

concrete bunker retaining wall:before after********************************

no whine country house:winecountry***************************

castle greyskull fake stone defeat:innersunset********************************

1950s dump update:midcentury yard*********************************

1-window master suite:


top-floor letdown pickmeup:


lame bathroom redo:

6 responses to “before + after

  1. jonathan

    good stuff. let’s see some more of your work.

  2. John Morris

    Tom–your work is incredible! I love this before + after section and your aesthetic improvements.

    We are starting to renovate a back space in our home next summer–I would love your help with the design elements/renovation in the downstairs bathroom…


  3. Ted

    I like where you knifed off part of the roof to create the deck with the downtown views. Nice job bro.

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  5. This is absolutley amazing! I just bought an old Victorian home built in 1902. I was looking for ideas when I came upon this blog. You have done some great work and I hope I could get some help with a few designs and ideas by visiting every now and then. This is awesome. Great job!

    • mcelroyarch

      Thanks John for stopping by – I will keep updates coming as I have plenty more to share! I’d love to hear about your project – feel free to ask questions. —tom

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