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bay view house

front facadeIs it too late to say happy new year? I say no since this is my first 2016 post. This is a cute 1940s house set on a cul-de-sac, 2 bedroom / 2 bath. Not nearly enough room for a family of now 4 who entertain and occasionally work from home. The program is to add a second floor and push the house out in the rear yard to get more space on the first floor. New total will be 4 bed, 4 bath. view of san franciscoOne really cool thing about its location on a south-facing hill is a surprisingly direct view back to the city across the bay. old stuccoOtherwise it is standard suburban rancho from another era…ready for an update!exposed beamsAt some point the living room was expanded and the ceiling was vaulted with exposed beams – a really nice look that we’re maintaining and improving upon in the new design. kitchen skylightThe kitchen is workable, but feels a little cramped.  A low-ceiling breakfast nook is hidden away in the distance.

In the early stages we studied the possible massing for the top floor addition. 21 BAYVIEW TERR_Front1_14-0401We initially settled on the gable roof with an overhang at the front. BUT: heed my advice, and get a professional lot survey! It was discovered that the house sat within the front yard setback so we had to redesign and push the second floor back. 21 BAYVIEW TERR 2015 balconySilver lining is that they will have a walk-out balcony at the front (the windows have become doors now..) and a circular window to the side gains a city view as well. storypolesStorypoles were installed to demonstrate the extent of the new addition. construction demoDemo happens quickly… The back wall of the house was removed to accommodate the expansion. It almost looks like a stage / bandshell. garden excavationThe rear deck was removed to make way for the addition and pushing the land back a little for a new deck. All this while preserving the persimmon tree in the upper left of the photo!stud framingHere is a photo after concrete and during initial framing from last Fall. The ground floor is mostly framed, and the second floor is just starting. Steel beams are seen on the left, awaiting install, and a narrow Simpson Strong Wall on the left of the house. We’re already far ahead of this phase – stay tuned for more!

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shingle bungalow windows

window truckJust about the time the house was being shingled, the truck arrived with douglas fir windows from Quantum Windows & Doors – and in they went.  Some windows came mulled together such as this triple-window for the front bedroom. The windows at the front have true divided lights with a single horizontal rail to look like double-hung that the house used to have. The new windows are all casement or fixed.door jambThis is the door jamb for the 18′ wide multi-slider at the back of the house – almost the full width!  The minimal jamb width for such large panels helps to maintain a clear view. I love the giant redwood tree outside in a neighboring lawn…helps with depth perception : ) slidersx doorsTriple X! – so no one walks through the glass during construction. The door panel width was determined by the location of the deck (the width of which was partially determined by the neighbors) so that the deck railing would align with the door jamb. Each panel is 6′ wide to achieve a 12′ opening to the 12′ wide deck. Even at that width they are easy to slide – called ‘lift-slide’ because they lift up slightly to roll on the track, and then drop back down to stay fixed.deck edgeHere is the edge of the deck and the door jamb….corner…and the doors and fixed panels at the top floor. These full-height doors are a view-capturing 9′-3″ tall. shinglesThe house was slightly glowing with the cedar shingles and doug fir windows….in need of a few months to cool down in tone and some accent color. The front half of the roof was given slate shingles, and the bay windows were painted to keep it simple.  (it works out well but I’m not yet in love with the paint color. . .) open windowsA view up at the front.  Look at the teeny window for the bathroom, open on the right!  Stay tuned – more to come!

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