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ice storm…stairs and such

skylight shaft

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel*…this is a skylight shaft over one of the bathrooms.  Bright & cheery it will be, a nice place to put your face on morning or night.

french doorsThe house is insulated, and sheetrock has arrived for install.  French doors & sidelights in the living room looking out to the deck.peninsula fireplaceAbove is the ‘peninsula’ gas fireplace that sits between the living and dining rooms, and the temporary stair – ladder.

steel stringerHere is the upper run of the stairs being installed. We used a steel stringer to attach the aluminum CR Laurence base ‘shoe’ for the glass railings that will go up both flights of stairs and around the balconies. The shoes (silver strip toward bottom of pic) have to attach to steel, from what I know. railing shoeA close-up of the shoe on the upper balcony. It’s attached to the tube-steel that is bolted to the wood PSL, so that the shoe will be aligned with the flooring and it will look (fingers crossed) as though the glass starts from the floor with no support.stair risersJumping ahead a few days here is the stair with treads initially installed. I had pushed for an open-riser stair in this house, since you walk in and see the bottom of the stair from the front door. But I was overruled by the Feng Shui consultant, who explained that energy would flow right through with nothing (such as risers) to stop it. So we have risers. stair landingA view from the living room toward the front door and up the stairs. We originally were to have a low wall or railing at the square landing bottom of stairs, but decided to nix it and extend the bottom step all the way across so you can walk up or down into the room.side viewA view from the park next door. We painted the bay window entirely the same dark bronze color as the windows. The window layout is original on this side.solar panelsA view from above the house you can see the solar panel standoffs on the flat part of the roof. On the left is the new shed dormer at the front. shed dormerHere’s the shed dormer that replaces the 2 former hobbit dormers.  stucco shedAt the back of the house the new stucco siding is going on, and in the yard we have a small shed / outbuilding / meditation hut.  Much more to share – stay tuned! *There is indeed a light at the end of the tunnel – we are determined to have the owners moved in by Christmas.  ho ho ho! 


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Ice Storm house in construction

Things are moving along over at that ’70s house, and if you live in the area you’ll note that it’s further along than these photos show.  So it’s a lag-blog.   Here’s the front facade with the fake stone removed….and a lot going on inside. The dormer expansion was permitted separately from other work, because it affected the overall ‘envelope’ of the house.  In the meantime a recessed entry was created in the area of the third garage door.  In SF you can reduce part of your house without notifying neighbors but expansion requires notifying, with a few exceptions.  As a reminder, here is the existing narrow entry hall and big brown stairway:We are reversing the staircases, so they dump you in the middle of the house – near the living room, kitchen – rather than toward the front door. It works out on the third floor by reducing traffic near the master bedroom and on the first floor where you formerly walked into a mirrored wall – danger after a few drinks…“hey you look familiar..”

Here’s the new recessed entry with covered stoop and low wall to drop your groceries and dog during the rainy season!Finally the dormers were lopped off.  New aluminum windows and new redwood siding up on the sides, over the old T-111 mustard-colored siding.  At the back:The walled patio at the rear was mostly removed, for a better rear yard connection.With the walls gone we get a direct view of Twin Peaks!  This is me reflecting in the old Family Rm window that was replaced with a 12′ wide opening of doors & windows. Here are the two front bedrooms with some demo just before small dormers were removed.  Stay tuned, more to come!

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the ice storm

Yes, this is not real stone.  It’s a nice representation of a (burnt?) stone wall, with several parking options for your late 70s cars, and – as an afterthought, let’s stick a front door on there for grins. One of the worst Hobbit-hole entrances I’ve ever seen..   This is the first house in San Francisco I’ve worked on that’s younger than me – but not by much!  Started in 1979 and completed in 1980, this house is an ode to all things brown and mirrored.  Walking through made me think of the Ice Storm. hot fireplace, curving hearth…you can see your casserole dinner in reverse…

We don’t mind this though – the wet bar!  It stays.  (there are two of them in the house…) The awesome tile, and the padded cabinetry so you don’t knock your knees when going in for cocktail no.4. A second fireplace – leftover stone from the facade?  Typical doorknob throughout the house…Off the back of the house there’s an enclosed patio, with covered hot tub in the corner, kitchenette and bathroom.  We think it’s pretty groovy, a nice private enclosed space (would love to have seen a party here in 1980), but definitely in need of updating.  We’re opening it up quite a bit too. The dreaded fire escape, as seen from the patio.  It’s a goner!  All these 70s treatments aside, the house has a lot of space, good bones, and sweeping views of the Marin Headlands and Twin Peaks – the reasons why the family bought it.  We’re well into demo now – check back for more progress….to the studs!

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basement remodel

Things are wrapping up down in the basement first floor – the homeowners have started moving back into the remodeled spaces gradually, even holding a graduation party in the new family room!  The window above is a new one, high above the stair landing, facing south = lots of sunlight.  The 8′ tall french doors out to the deck bring in the views and light, facing east and a forested hill beyond.  Interior shot above, exterior shot below (in case there’s any confusion…)

The stairs from below in the family room.  The ledge was clad in the same wood / nosing as the stairs – a good place to sit.  The handrail is temporary, installed for the party.  The stair landing above, I’ve been told, is where karaoke performances will take place viewed from the family room, hence the spotlights.  I’ve already got some songs picked out!  (Note that this project is more traditional than I normally do – I was happy to be involved in the overall design, space development, windows/doors/stair/etc, but the owners are choosing the finishes.  “Provence goes to Mexico” was how she described the overall feel she was going for. )  Above, the wet bar at one end of the family rm, perfect for entertaining with sink, dishwasher and min-fridge. The second-floor living room, now almost doubled in size.  The opening overlooks the new stair to the first floor.  This area and two windows at the corner used to be a bedroom, which was combined with the dining room about where I’m standing to create one large living room.  Good scale!  (The former living room will now be used for dining.)This last photo is of two skylights poking through a small deck off of the kitchen.  One goes to the laundry rm and one to the bathroom at the first floor.  A good way to get light into what would have been windowless rooms, and as you can see they do get good sunlight.  This deck will be used mainly for grilling and potted herbs.  Maybe herbs de Provence!

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Basement Remodel

Above: before.  Below: during.  This house on a steeply down-sloping lot in the Inner Sunset neighborhood of San Francisco has a full-height basement with great views which was never fully utilized or developed.   Look at those wimpy little windows~  The owner was concerned with the house sliding down the hill, and compared its slope to a Blahnik.  It seems that a 90+yr old house that withstood 100s of tremors – and the 1989 quake – is probably staying put.  Even with its sub-par structure seen below!  We opened up the back wall with larger windows and 8′ tall doors which will lead out to a deck.  Above, a view of the existing narrow, steep stairs – fit for a Hobbit!  These will be rebuilt larger with a window above the landing.  The existing basement room on the left, with dropped ceiling, small window, carpeting, and one of those hey guess what I just did bathroom doors that opens directly into a room – never a good idea…  Other parts of this project include:  Fill-in an existing lightwell with additional rooms on the basement level, where rickety old wood stairs are seen on the left.  (The owner actually fell through one of these steps just before it was torn down!)  Secondly, replace a catch-all storage room seen on the right with a guest bedroom.   They’ll cringe to see this, but we all have one of those spaces!  The room has to be excavated quite a bit to get full height, and is still being dug now.  Here’s the basement room down to the studs – no insulation, as is common in older SF buildings.  Notice how much unused wall space is above the window!  The owner is reusing some of this old redwood lumber to make a table, great green idea.  This full-width room had a beam across the ceiling, which was resting on (2×6) posts that just barely landed on the concrete footings – see belowYou could literally knock the post off the concrete with one good elbow….scary, especially in seismic SF!   Not sure how this was ever approved previously.   The same rear wall with new doors and windows installed.  Nice view, and the room will be used for entertaining indoor and outdoor on the deck.   More to come!

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