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sunset magazine

It’s been a little over a year since my last post* and what better way to return than to share that the Bayview Remodel was featured in the April 2019 issue of Sunset magazine! I’m pretty dang thrilled at being included in their glossy pages…I’ve been a devoted reader (and page tearer..) for 17 years. Check out the pages below! and I promise to come back to this blog, I have many many stories, projects and ideas that I want to share. the good, the bad and the ugly. until then, stay tuned!

*you know, you get busy, life takes over, work, play, etc…. no real good excuse ūüôā¬†IMG_9913IMG_9914IMG_9915

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castro corner house


at the castro corner house, the new walls were framed in, and sheetrock is now being installed.

above is the rough framed new stair to the first floor. about 20′ of new concrete retaining wall was poured along the property line.¬†img_9947

in the photo above, part of the concrete wall is thinner to allow for the stair landing in this location Рevery inch counts to make the stairs work, especially in these narrow san francisco lots! img_0130

here the 6′ tall new concrete is furred out to allow for bathroom plumbing to run inside.¬†img_0356new johns-manville formaldehyde-free insulation (for better indoor air quality) fills the wall cavities where there was no insulation before…..the globe is warming but we’re using more insulation now than we did in 1940. ūüôā¬†img_0664from this point looking over the new stairwell you can see through the lower hallway and to the new garden door. a nice peek to the rear yard without having to go downstairs..¬†img_0660a view along the floor toward the new built-in bench, and spot where the gas fireplace will go. it’s a corner fireplace by Ortal. pretty slick! can’t wait to see it. we’re further along than these pictures show; some cabinetry is installed, and we’re selecting final finishes now. stay tuned, more to come!


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bay view house

front facadeIs it too late to say happy new year? I say no since this is my first 2016 post. This is a cute¬†1940s house set on a cul-de-sac, 2 bedroom / 2 bath. Not nearly enough room for a family of now 4 who entertain and occasionally work from home. The program is to add a second floor and push the house out in the rear yard to get more space on the first floor. New total will be 4 bed, 4 bath.¬†view of san franciscoOne¬†really cool thing about its location on¬†a south-facing hill is a surprisingly direct¬†view back to the city across the bay.¬†old stuccoOtherwise it is standard suburban rancho from another era…ready for an update!exposed beamsAt some point the living room was expanded and the ceiling was vaulted with exposed beams – a really nice look that we’re maintaining and improving upon in the new design.¬†kitchen skylightThe kitchen is workable, but feels a little cramped. ¬†A low-ceiling¬†breakfast nook is hidden away in the distance.

In the early stages we studied the possible massing for the top floor addition.¬†21 BAYVIEW TERR_Front1_14-0401We initially settled on the gable roof with an overhang at the front. BUT: heed my advice, and get a professional lot survey! It was discovered that the house sat within the front yard setback so we had to redesign and push the second floor back. 21 BAYVIEW TERR 2015 balconySilver lining is that they will have a walk-out balcony at the front (the windows have become doors now..) and a circular window to the side gains a city view as well.¬†storypolesStorypoles were installed to demonstrate the extent of the new addition.¬†construction demoDemo happens quickly…¬†The back wall of the house was removed to accommodate the expansion. It almost looks like a stage / bandshell.¬†garden excavationThe rear deck was removed to make way for the addition and pushing the land back a little for a new deck. All this while preserving the persimmon tree in the upper left of the photo!stud framingHere is a photo after concrete and during initial framing from last Fall. The ground floor is mostly framed, and the second floor is just starting. Steel beams are seen on the left, awaiting install, and a narrow Simpson Strong Wall on the left of the house.¬†We’re already far ahead of this phase – stay tuned for more!

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laurel heights completion

This project has wrapped up and the owners have moved in!¬† They’ve done such a great job with the interior decor so far, I love it!¬† It will make for really good portfolio shots – I went over recently and took a bunch of scouting shots.¬† Below are plans of how what we changed – mostly within the walls – partially infilling a lightwell, squaring off bay windows, opening up the main rooms and adding a new stair to the lower floor.¬† I have to admit at first I didn’t see keeping this railing, but I’m happy they wanted to keep it!¬† Looks like bones – in a cool way.¬† The hardwood floors are original, restained and refinished.¬† Below is a repurposed portion of the old garage door which we saved and used in the kitchen on a barn door track, hiding a closet.¬† Seen below, we raised the ceilings in the kitchen – as an angle – and in the Living Rm, gaining almost 2′ of space that was formerly empty space.

The rooms now open one to next with ceiling variations and few walls to define the spaces.

The angled ceiling is an unexpected feature in the room, also allowing for a window high in the wall to capture light. ¬† The master bedroom and bathroom have built-in walnut cabinetry by Stephen Day Design.¬† (again, these are just scouting shots so better photos to come!).¬† Lastly – I love the art my client has over the fireplace mantle.¬† The story is that she carried it back with her from a trip to midwest – putting it in the overhead bin on the airplane! Looks great! OK – 99.9% done – they were still painting the back when I visited…


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laurel heights remodel

The whole-house remodel in Laurel Heights is sailing along…¬† Above, a view into the kitchen space with the new angled ceiling we achieved by pushing up into the 30″ of empty attic space above.¬†¬† The new stairs to the lower floor are on the left.¬† A few weeks later and another view into the kitchen and down the hall with new skylight; cabinetry by Cabinets & Beyond.¬† The island will be a dark finish contrasting with the perimeter cabinetry.¬† Windows are from Andersen. Here’s how the fireplace in the living room looks now, actually looks good as just brick! But it will be tiled over soon.¬† The master bathroom looking toward the tub / shower combined area, over the course of a month or so.¬† This was formerly a split bathroom (toilet separated from sink/tub) like many older San Francisco homes have.¬† There’s a new skylight above, and the window at the tub will have a privacy film put on it.¬† The 1×1 mosaic glass tile is Oceanside “Veil”; we chose this as part of a fairly neutral palette in this room, along with 12×24 porcelain floor and wall tiles.¬† This is the walnut vanity cabinet for the master bathroom built by Stephen Day Design.¬† The pullout storage on the end was dreamed up by the homeowner so she can have a place to hide toilet paper rolls facing the toilet, and additional storage facing the sink area!¬† It’s great to have clients who step in to help design their space (often seems to be in the bathroom!).

The floor tile for the powder room is Italian Calacatta marble from Ceramic Tile Design.  The pattern came arranged on a backing, and will be trimmed down for installation.The back of the house with the squared-off upper floor with asymmetrical windows in the bedrooms.  The lower floor was opened up with french doors and atrium windows over the doors (high ceilings down there!) which will open onto the deck.  The basement has a pair of doors into it.  More to come!

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