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back yard cottage sighting / siding

Hey, what is that peeking from back there?  Ever look at that ugly cottage in your back yard and wonder, gosh, what ever kind of siding do I put on it?  We went with Hardie clapboard siding.  A clean and simple yet slightly traditional look for the upgrade of this building. Larger, more vertical windows at the courtyard bring more light into the rooms and accentuate the 10ft tall ceilings.  This is the color that the siding comes – not yet painted. Upstairs the living spaces are now open to each other, front to back.  Photo below looking at the back wall, the older 70s window shapes had to be maintained because they’re directly on the property line.  Or we would have increased them – why, why is there so much blank wall space above these windows?  To hang fun pictures?  Fact of the day:  windows closer to the ceiling bring light deeper into the room.  Push ’em up! 

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