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pac heights paint!

The painting has started and the colors are looking great.  This is the Dining Rm / Library with shelves on most of the walls, in a purple-grey color.  My designer pal I’m working with, Ian Stallings, has chosen a palette of deep, bold colors throughout.  This room finally received its south-facing, fire rated window – positioned with a centered view between two adjacent buildings seen below.

The front hall and stair walls are a deep brown-plum color.  (names to come soon) The soon-to-be-installed rail curls to a finish, as seen below.

The Kitchen/Family Rm at the back of the house is painted a more neutral tone to go with the carrara marble and walnut.   The new plate shelves in front of the windows were built slightly thicker than drawn. . I don’t love them yet but they may ‘soften’ once the kitchen is completed.

The north-facing windows have no view beyond a neighboring wall 4′ away so the shelves don’t block anything.  More to come!


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Pac Heights insulated

We’ve got the rough plumbing, electrical in place (mostly!) and insulation has been stuffed in.  The owner chose to have all walls -including interior- to be fully insulated for sound absorption.   We’re using EcoBatt throughout, a formaldehyde/petroleum-free product that contains post-consumer recycled glass.   The holes are for blown-in insulation in the [very few] exterior walls that were not opened to the studs.  This bay is at the front that isn’t changing much.  At the rear of the house family room / kitchen we’ve opened up the walls with windows and doors coming from Sierra Pacific:

The lattice at the rear garden isn’t intended to survive this remodel…..The symmetrical windows will be above the kitchen counters with the range and hood in between.  These two windows are from Loewen.  The sink will be on the island across from them.   This window below has a spectacular view –

Actually this is just an old closet soon to be laundry room. . so no worries about the brick wall view!   Exterior below – siding removed at rear; side alley with new foundation / broken sidewalk out toward the street. 

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